£1 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
£1 Ben & Jerry Ice Cream

Are you a fan of Ben & Jerry’s? If so you’re going to like this one!

As it’s Fairtrade fortnight there are a number of money saving coupons available on the Fairtrade website, including £1 off Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


Morrisons are currently selling Ben & Jerry’s for only £2 a tub which means that you will get a tub for only £1 using the £1 off coupon.BJ Cookie Dough

To claim your coupon simply visit the Fairtrade Fortnight website and scroll down until you find Ben & Jerry’s. There are also other offers available including Starbucks and Dairy Milk so worth having a little look to see what other offers tickle your fancy.

  • Click here to claim your £1 coupon now.
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