Is Your £1 Coin Actually Worth £205? Here’s How To Find Out…

Due to a coin mix-up, “error” £1 coins have hit the high street. If you’ve got one, it could be worth £205!

Three examples of the rare coin have already been found by the website ChangeChecker.

How can I tell if I’ve got a rare coin?

Take a good look at the pound coins in your purse. If any have the shape of the new pound coin, but have the old £1 coin design stamped onto it, you’re looking at a winner.

The first rare coin that was found sold for over £200 on eBay.

(Image: Change Checker/Zeki Atma)

Change Checker advise anyone who thinks that may have a rare coin to send it off to the Royal Mint Museum. Don’t worry, you’ll get the coin back!

Here’s what to do if you’ve got a rare coin:

  • Protect the coin by popping it in an envelope.
  • Check the specifications.
  • Send your coin off for verification.
  • Enjoy the findings!
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