10 Best Storage Solutions That Will Change Your Household!

10 Best Storage Solutions That Will Change Your Household For The Better!

Do you hate clutter in your home? If so then you don”t have to worry anymore because I have just the thing for you! Have a read of this article which features my top ten storage solutions to help keep your home organised!

1. To help clear kitchen clutter, hang up a magnetic rack to store sharp knives.


2. Use a rail in your sink cabinet to hang your cleaning products and keep everything neat and organised.


3. Put pull out baskets into your fridge to group things together like fruit and veg. That way you won’t find things  hidden away at the back that went out of date a week before.


4. Use a CD or lid rack to keep all of your clutch bags together and tidy in your bedroom.


5. Egg cartons are the way forward when it comes to organising jewellery, make up, nail varnish or pretty much anything that you think could potentially cause clutter in your room! Just stick them in a drawer and the egg cartons will keep everything separated!

egg cartons

6. Do you have an ever growing supply of cleaning products? If so you may struggle to keep them all organised in just one cupboard. So why not use a shoe organiser to store your cleaning supplies?

shoe rack

7.  Are you like me always finding little bits of lego lying around the house? Well why not make good use of it? See how handy these guys come in for storing charging devices! Probably my favourite storage idea!

lego storage

8. Use an old globe for storage/decoration purposes! Makes a quirky little ornament!


9. If you are looking for a nifty little hiding place for your keys then this could be a great idea! All you have to do is glue old book spines to a box to create storage in disguise! Leave the front cover on one of the books and the back on another to cover up the sides of your box. Nobody would ever know!


10. And last but by no means least! I love this idea of turning around your hangers to find out what you really wear!


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