£10 Car Safari Every Weekday

£10 Car Safari Every Weekday

You can now go to Knowsley Safari park, for what they have labelled ‘Midweek Madness’, where you can visit the park for just £10 per car every weekday. This feature started on the 6th June. There safari park is located just 12.5 miles away from Liverpool, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get to.

Knowsley Safari park have hundreds of animals that you can go and see. Animal enclosures you can drive through include the lion enclosure, tiger enclosure, zebra enclosures and many more.

You are also encouraged to also walk through the walking area of the safari park. This part of the park is where you can walk around and visit the and see the sea lion display, go and meet the safaris giraffes and take some time to go and see some of the elephants residing at the park.

There isn’t just animals at the safari park. You can also go and try the high rope challenge, the amusement rides and eat at the outdoor grill.

For more information and to book a visit to Knowsley Safari Park Here.

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