10 things to do when the weather turns wet

10 things to do when the weather turns wet

We all know that living in Britain we have to plan out activities around the weather, It’s never easy as even the weather man doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, so it’s always good to have something in reserve.
Swimming. I know it’s ironic that in order to stop yourself getting wet, you go swimming but it’s a great indoor activity that a lot of kids of various ages enjoy. During the holidays they have an extended timetable of things like inflatable sessions and offers on entry prices so it’s worth checking with your local leisure centre as to what’s going on.

Getting crafty There may be a budding artist or a little person who loves to make you something special, a quick trip to many of the pound shops or bargain shops can grab you a load of arts and craft stuff for not much at all, couples with the odd toilet roll tube you have lying around it can mean hours of entertainment. However if your creative imagination does not stretch that far you might consider claiming the free Toucan activity box that’s out at the moment. The box is delivered with all the bits needed for that weeks/months craft project and you ca vary it by the age of the child or children. It is a subscription so if you only want the free one remember to cancel it after the 1st one but for as little as £3.75 I have kept mine going. http://www.toucanbox.com/freesample

Indoor play centres. Ball pools are a great place for the younger kids to go to work of some of that boundless energy, there are usually offers on places like vouchercloud or even groupon for your local area. It’s great if you have friends in the same situation and you can all get together for a coffee and a natter ( and the odd slide down the giant slide) while the kids play.

Computer parties. My nephew never seems to be off the thing and I know he has physical friends, I have seen them. So why not get a few of them over for a games day. Some cheap pizza and coke will keep them entertained if a little noisy, and who knows one of their mums/dads might return the favour another day and give you some peace and quiet.

Put on a show. Something we used to like doing when we were kids was coming up with a show, it was sometimes based on a fairy story or we made it up ourselves. We spent many a happy hour making the costumes and practising the lines in time for the “big show” I think my mom still has some dodgy videos of us doing the three pigs somewhere.

Baking. A fun way of keeping the kids entertained and the best bit is you can eat the end result, decorating cupcakes or licking the spoon is always fun, you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to make rice crispy cakes and chocolate brownies are great even if they are a little singed round the end.

Story time. Try giving the kids the opening to a story and getting them to come up with an ending, they can do it in a story board or write it out, if there are more than 1 of them maybe they could try taking it in turns to do parts of it, I found this was a great way of teaching the kids paragraphs, but they were having much fun I don’t think they noticed they were learning.

Fort building We used to take every blanket, pillow, quilt and sheet we could find and build a giant fort in the front room, it took ages to construct and we even had lunch it when we were done, you can then try and invade it or have it attacked my dragons, giants, ect. You do have to take it down in time for bed though.

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