10 Ways To Cut Your Heating Bills

10 Ways To Cut Your Heating Bills

1. Turn the radiators down in different rooms. If you spend a lot of time in one such as the living room then you might have it up high, but the bathroom and kitchen can be kept on low as they are either in for a very short space of time, or heat up quickly when you use the. The unused room can be shut off altogether.

2. Get your roof insulated, there are quite a few government schemes that will let you do this for free, as most of the heat escape from the roof this is a great way to save as much as possible. If you don’t qualify for the free installation it might be worth investing in a few rolls and doing it yourself as its relatively easy to do so.

Cavity wall insulation, again this can be done for free if you qualify, not all houses can have this done as not all of them have cavities to fill but it’s another great way of saving that heat.

4. Letterbox brush, I know they are not the coolest of home items but the amount of heat that escapes through the hole in your door is shocking, a simple brush takes seconds to fit and can save you money.

5. Draft excluders, These can be bought cheaply or made even easier with any old material, old trousers are a great one as they are the right size and shape all you have to do is stuff them with old clothes or filler and sew up the ends. They keep the wind from blowing through the nooks and crannies and will hold the heat in.

6. Tog up, the heating doesn’t need to be on at night if you have the right duvet, different togs can be used for different times of year 13.5 is a great one for winter and will keep you toasty.

7. Invest in a dressing gown and slippers, if you’re wrapped up you don’t need to have the heating on so high of an evening, it’s surprising how many people complain their cold while walking around in a t- shirt. Onesies are also great for this but not to everyone’s cup of tea.

8. Use the timer. Most heating systems come with a timer so you can get the heating to come on about half an hour before you get up or home but will also shut it off during the day if you forget and saves having the heat wasted during the day.

9. Close the curtains, it’s shocking how much heat goes out through the windows, even with double glazing you can save some money by closing the curtains earlier.

10. Move the furniture, in most homes space is at a premiu
m but if you have furniture in front of the radiator than as much as 40% of the heat can be absorbed into the back of the sofa or sideboard and do nothing more than heat the back of the chair. Quite a fit a the heat can also be directed at the wall, a sheet of aluminium foil attached with blue tack down the back of the radiator will reflect the heat back into the room and away from the wall.

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