11 Tips To Avoid Paying Gym Fees
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11 Tips To Avoid Paying Gym Fees

I need to shift some weight but I hate the thought of going to the gym…

Here are my 11 tips to avoid paying gym fees…

Let’s face it, the gym is not cheap – I hate the thought of paying gym fee’s too because I have all good intentions the first few weeks then I get bored and demotivated and I’m left paying for something I’m not using.

So this year I have decided to avoid the gym and do free activities that’ll help me keep fit (or get fit in my case)

  • Hula Hoop – Did you know that if you hula hoop for 30 minutes you will burn 216 calories?
  • Instead of playing on your mobile phone or skipping the advert, why not do quick bursts of exercise during the ad breaks? A typical 1 hour long show has 18 minutes of as breaks – this is the perfect opportunity to burn a few calories
  • Do some gardening – gardening is a great way to strengthen and tone your major muscle groups, like your abs, back and glutes. You can burn 184 calories in just 30 minutes!
  • Dance! Wether you dance while you do the housework, dance while you make the tea or even dance with the kids and get them involved – dancing for 30 minutes with burn 279 calories!
  • You can burn up to 153 by doing 30 minutes of housework – this is probably the only good side to housework I have ever come across.
  • Running up and down the stairs can burn up to 422 calories in 30 minutes – However, I suggest you are very careful when doing this.
  • Ride your bike to work rather than take the car or bus. You can burn 297 calories for every 30 minutes of your bike, so once it’s a nice day why not get on your bike and see how many calories you can burn?
  • Everybody’s favourite – Have more sex. You can burn 150 calories in a 30 minute ‘session’. Now only that, it lowers your blood pressure and keeps testosterone and estrogen levels balanced to help lower your risk of a heart attack.
  • Head to the park with the kids and set up an obstacle course for you all to do. Or simply have a game of basketball or football with them in local courts
  • Buy a home exercise DVD. Check out the ones with the best reviews so you know you are investing wisely and give it a go at home.
  • Go for walks. There is nothing my family and I love more than wrapping up warm and going for a walk along the sea front. It does usually involve an ice cream though so I think we will have to cut that out to make the walk a little more healthy.


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