£12 Free Electricity Credit

All households to receive a £12 free electricity credit.

Will this help you out?

All electricity suppliers are to pay their domestic customers a £12 electricity credit. Suppliers will provide this credit to all account holders 

Your electricity supplier will award you with your credit from 11th October, however it may take a good few weeks before you receive yours as this sometimes take a little while.

How do you get the credit?

If you pay for you electricity by cash, cheque or direct debit you will have this applied directly to your account and will be notified of receiving the rebate on your next bill or statement.

If you have a prepayment meter

  • you will receive a £12 voucher or have a Special Action Message (SAM) sent to your payment card, key or token via their top-up point. Vouchers will need to be taken to a top-up outlet where they can be redeemed in the form of electricity credit
  • if you have a Smart prepayment meter you will receive the rebate automatically
  • if your prepayment meters cannot be accessed remotely, you will be sent a code by your supplier that you will need to manually input into your meter
  • suppliers who only have a small number of prepayment meter customers may issue a £12 cheque.

Why are you receiving the £12 credit? See all that information here…

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