20% Off Everything at Thorntons!

20% Off Everything at Thorntons!

Perfect Christmas gift for the full family, or maybe just one particular chocoholic!

For today only, you can get 20% off EVERYTHING at Thorntons using code DOTD20!

You can also still get the Thornton’s signature gift bundle worth £50 for just £25!

The signature gift bundle includes

  • Original Special Toffee Box (525g)
  • Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (150g)
  • Continental Milk, White & Dark Signature (300g)
  • Classics Mints (258g)
  • Classics Dark Caramel Bag (103g)
  • Classics Milk, White & Dark (274g)
  • Vanilla Fudge Gift Box (350g)
  • Continental Sicillian  Lemon Mousse Bag (108g)
  • Continental Vanille Truffle Bag (103g)
  • Continental Lemon Bar
  • Continental Alpini Bar

CLICK HERE to get the deal! 

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