3rd November 2023

These gifts are great for gamers old and new

Does anyone else have a special gamer in their life? Are you a game lover yourself or new to gaming as a whole? If you said yes to any of those then I have a special blog for you! I’ve hand picked some amazing top gifts for every gamer, whether you’re new or experienced, all of which are available right now on the My Nintendo Store. So buckle in and let me take you onto the next level of this gaming adventure.

Let’s talk bundles

Looking to get that big present to sit on top of the pile? Well these offers are the ones for you! These top gifts for gamers will not only have you smiling all the way up to Christmas day, but you’ll also be saving big! That’s a win win! Don’t worry if you’re not a big gamer or if you’re new to gaming! A Nintendo Switch is great for any level of gamer and can be hours of fun for the whole family.

Animal Crossing Switch Lite Bundles:

Animal Crossing is one of the biggest games to ever launch on the Nintendo Switch and now you can be the proud owner of a copy and a Switch for a bargain price! At just £199.99 for your very own Nintendo Switch Lite console and a copy of the must have Animal Crossing New Horizons game, this is a massive bundle saving you just can’t miss. 

If you were to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite console & Animal Crossing New Horizons game separately, that would cost you £249.98! But if you buy this amazing bundle, you’ll be saving yourself a whopping £49.99, that’s basically a free game! But which version will you choose? Isabelle Aloha or Timmy & Tommy Aloha?

Switch Sports Bundle:

Calling all sports lovers! There’s a new bundle on the scene that you don’t want to pass up on. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or bag that perfect Christmas present, this bundle offers huge savings across all the must haves on the My Nintendo Store. 

This amazing bundle comes with a Nintendo Switch worth £259.99, Nintendo Switch Sports worth £30.99, a leg strap worth £8.99 and a 3 months membership to Nintendo Switch online which is worth £6.99 all for a total price of just £259.99, that’s right, you’ll be saving a lovely £46.97! Did I mention that this also comes with a cool free water bottle which can’t be purchased separately?

Get your game on

If you already own a Nintendo Switch then you’ll already know how many amazing games there are to pick from! But is there that one game you’ve always wanted to try? Or maybe you’ve heard one of your friends or a loved one mention it before and you want to treat them for Christmas? Let me show you some of my top gifts for gamers, whether you’re new to gaming or a pro, which are available right now on the My Nintendo Store.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Did you know that there’s a new Super Mario Bros game out? Well you do now! But it’s not the same as your classic Mario game, this one has been turned on its head with the addition of Wonder Flowers. You’ll see the pipes coming to life and more unexpected events than ever called Wonder Effects! Are you ready? 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Calling all Zelda fans! Have you seen the newest release in this unreal franchise? Get ready to begin your next adventure and take on the perilous quest of finding the missing princess and unravel the mystery behind the huge event which has sent the kingdom into turmoil. Your next adventure is waiting for you!

Everybody 1-2-Switch

Challenge your partner or a group of friends to a host of weird and wonderful minigames! Use your Joy-Con controller or smart device to score points for your team and claim the glory and of course, bragging rights!

There’s so many weird and wonderful minigames which will have you on the edge of your seat. From using your smart devices camera to find something that matches the colour on screen to trying to outbid the rival team in a head to head auction, there’s so many fun and competitive games to pick from.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more of my blogs! I cover all the burning topics around money saving tips, new releases, days out for you and the family and so much more. Why not take a look through all the categories I cover and see if any jump out at you!

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