Got It? Flaunt It! Summer Trends For All Shapes | AD

Looking to update your wardrobe with some trendy new pieces but aren’t sure which ones will suit your body shape? Here are five top summer trends to suit any body shape…

Breton Stripes

Breton stripes are one of those completely timeless trends that come in year after year, and contrary to popular belief, they can be super flattering for curvy girls too. The best styles to pick are horizontal, slim lines, as wide lines may exaggerate your curves. What’s even better is that they look great with pretty much anything too, so when you invest in a breton top, you know you’ve got it for life.

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers are super hot right now and look great on so many body types. Their high waistline cinches your waist to accentuate your killer curves, and if you’re top heavy, their floaty style will add balance, and if you’re conscious about your lower half, their straight style will have a similar effect. If you’re not in to skirts in the warmer months either, these ones featuring a colour-pop floral pattern will give you a suitably seasonal look whilst keeping you feeling comfortable in the heat.

Oriental Styles

Oriental styles seem to be cropping up all over the highstreet at the moment with many of them featuring eye-catching colours, pretty patterns, and thick waistbands for a defined silhouette. This top with retro airy sleeves will keep you feeling cool, but will also give you added coverage if you’re not keen on your arms, but it’s all part of the vibe. Many of the styles, like this top, are wrap over too, which are known for being universally flattering to figures of all shapes and sizes.

80’s Power Suits

If you’re looking for occasion wear and want something different, or simply think the world is your catwalk, then 80s power suits are super on trend at the moment. Their bold colours are sure to make you stand-out from the crowd. This one is styled to be oversized, so whether you’re a curvalicious lady or a petite Polly, it’s straight style is sure to suit all kinds of figures. The blazer does feature a slight wrap detail and darts on the bust for a subtle tailoring to pull you in just where you need it.

Ditsy Tea Dresses

Floral dresses are always on trend, but this year everyone is opting for vintage, ditsy patterned, button down styles. They’re super versatile as they’re perfect for everything from garden parties to occasions too. Look for midi or knee length 50s silhouette dresses, as their fitted bodices and floaty skirts will give you a balanced hourglass figure whatever your body shape. There’s a reason the 50’s silhouette is so popular and never goes out of style! We love this wildflower print one!

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