4 WhatsApp scams to look out for

4 WhatsApp scams to look out for

WhatsApp now has over a billion users!I love the app and I’m sure the majority of you guys now use it too, but there are some disadvantages that come with such a big audience.

The popular app has turned into a playing field for scammers and the app has fallen victim to a number of common tricks. It is completely safe if you know what to look out for though so I’ve highlighted some security points to look out for whilst you’re using it.

The WhatsApp Voicemail Message

How many of you keep getting emails saying that you have a WhatsApp voice message? I get one nearly every day and was shocked because I didn’t even know this feature existed. Well that’s because it doesn’t. If you click onto the ‘listen’ link then you will be sent to a suspicious website which will try to install virus’s onto your phone.

Being bribed into upgrading to premium

If you happen to see an add for WhatsApp Gold, avoid it. It will try and lure you in with new and exciting emoticons, but in actual fact it will charge you for every text and image you send. This is just a money saving con …. don’t fall for it or you will start to see ridiculous charges popping up on your next phone bill.

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There is no such thing as a ‘spy app’

There is no way of looking in on other people’s conversations on WhatsApp. There are apps that claim to allow you to see what your friends are saying to each other over WhatsApp but this is not possible. Again, signing up to this  will automatically charge you for sending messages.

Empty promises of vouchers 

If you receive a message over WhatsApp promising ‘too good to be true’ discount vouchers for supermarket …. then it almost certainly is. If you follow the link and put your details in, they will almost certainly be passed on to scammers.

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