£45 toys that can trick you into a £300 spend

£45 toys that can trick you into a £300 spend

I read this article in The Sun today about parents being pressured into spending hundreds of pounds by new must-have video games that encourage their users to build up collections of toy figures.

The Sun reports:’The popular trio of “toys-to-life” games — Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions — cost from around £44.99 to get started.

But the games rely on players collecting plastic figures and vehicles. The toys contain electronic sensors which are read when placed on a platform — or “portal” — connected to a games console. The figure then becomes an on-screen character you can play in a game. The toys can also unlock levels and save progress in games.’

Lots of parents buying these toys aren’t aware that in order to get the most out of the toys and to play with them to their full extent, they are required to spend hundreds on other features!

Engineer Ian Hall, 46, from Sittingbourne, Kent, has spent £290 on Supercharger toys for his son Leo, seven.

He told The Sun: “Once the kids are hooked they realise they need another part. If you haven’t bought it they say, ‘I need it as I can’t do this bit of the game’.”

Consumer experts are calling for the total price of the complete game to be made clear. So if you have a little one who has ‘Lego Dimensions’ on their Christmas list, you may want to take this information into consideration.

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