48 Hours of Online Shopping Discounts!

Amazon will be holding their annual sale in July and we cannot wait!

The website has promised “thousands of amazing deals worldwide” to celebrate their anniversary.

Amazon haven’t released the exact date of the sale yet, but have confirmed it will take place some time between Friday, 12 July 2019 and Friday, 19 July 2019.

The only catch is that users have to be Amazon Prime members to take advantage of the deals.

Amazon Prime costs £79 for a year subscription, or £7.99 a month depending on which subscription you opt for.

This can be a bit of a barrier, but Amazon also offer a 30 day trail period free of charge- just don’t forget to cancel your subscription!

Will you be trialling Amazon Prime in anticipation for the biggest online sale of the year? If you can’t wait for the full sale to land, check out Amazon’s Deal Of The Day section here and pick up some great discounts! 

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