5 Clever ways to make money go even further at Christmas

5 Clever ways to make money go even further at Christmas

Make the most of Voucher Codes

How often do you shop online? Well how many of you double check for voucher codes before you reach the checkout? Just by adding a single voucher code, you could dramatically slash the cost of your basket total. Don’t think that just because the codes aren’t advertised obviously on the retailers page that there aren’t any available. You can search thousands of voucher codes over on my voucher code page. Take a look before you make your next online Christmas present purchase.

Wait for the price drop alert

Is there something on your wish list from Amazon or Ebay but It’s just a tad out of your price range at the moment? Did you know I have a price drop alert system? Fill in the form on my website and when the price of the item you want drops, we will email you, giving you the chance to snap it up at the new bargain price.

Take advantage of all the 3 for 2 offers

So many shops have 3 for 2 deals on gift sets and other items in the run up to Christmas. Have a look on Boots as they usually have some good 3 for 2 offers. Other stores to keep an eye out for are Marks and Spencer and Superdrug. Even if you don’t need three you can always start stocking up for next year.

 Buy now for next year

It’s no secret that I start planning for Christmas in January. And by doing this I considerably cut the cost of my Christmas. I don’t necessarily buy all of my presents and wrap them in January, but I do put little things in motion which means I get a lot of my Christnas for free. First the boots points, these have been saved on and off throughout the year. I have £74 to spend in Tesco which is a combination of points saved up when I joined the Christmas club and the vouchers that the sun are running. Read my article on how to have a debt free new year.

Draw up a Christmas Budget

Nothing works quite as well as a good old budget ….. as long as you have the will power to stick to it. Work out exactly how much money you have and account for everything you need to spend money on, including all the normal stuff such as food and bills.

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