5 Easy Ways To Save Money During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is forcing many people to tighten their purse strings across the country. If you’re one of them, read on to find out five easy tips to save money during this worrying time.

From cancelling subscriptions to cutting your energy bills, here’s how to save during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cancel Sky Sports

Sorry to all those sports fans out there, but a no-brainer way to save some cash right now is to cancel your Sky Sports subscription! Due to many countries banning social gatherings, a lot of sporting events are being cancelled. That sadly means most events like the 2020 Formula One Season are currently on hold – Sky Sports don’t really have any sport to broadcast! They said “A number of sporting events have been postponed, but not cancelled. Our live schedule is likely to look different for a period of time”. We think the savviest money-saving move right now is to cancel your Sky Sports subscription (which will save you £20+ per month!), and re-activate once larger sporting events are safe to resume activity and therefore be broadcast.

Bundle up

Have you been told to work from home? It’s always tempting to just pop the heating on if you’re chilly, but that will likely lead to a hefty bill come the end of the month! A simple way to keep warm whilst you’re in the house is just to bundle up. Pop on your dressing gown over your normal everyday clothes, wear toasty socks – even snuggle up under a blanket whilst working at your computer. Remember to keep fuelled with warm cups of coffee and tea too, or even a trusty hot water bottle.

Cancel BT Sports

Just like with Sky Sports, BT Sports aren’t able to broadcast any sporting events at the moment. We’d recommend cancelling your subscription for the time being, just so you aren’t wasting money, then re-activating once the sporting season is able to resume!

Meal prep

We’ve all seen the news stories of people panic buying a large amount of items in the supermarket, but that kind of behaviour isn’t necessary! It’s better to stock up on items you know you’ll definitely use, and the best way to know you’ll definitely use them is to meal prep. Set aside an hour of your day to look at the next fortnight, and plan some tasty meals you know your family will enjoy. Then head to your kitchen to asses the ingredients you already have, and what you need to pick up. If you’re trying to feed your household on a budget, we couldn’t recommend Lorna Cooper’s Feed Your Family For £20 A Week book more if we tried, it’s available here!

Turn off your 4G at home

Hands up, who’s been in this situation before? You’re sat at home, browsing through Facebook for a couple of hours, then all of a sudden realise you’ve been using up your 4G data allowance instead of being connected to your WiFi! At a time where a lot of us will be spending more time within the four walls of our homes, it’s worth checking that you’re not accidentally using all your phone data as you browse the web.

We hope these tips can help you save some pennies during these strange coronavirus times where we’re all bunkering down at home!

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