5 energy saving devices that can knock £100’s off your bill.

5 energy saving devices that can knock £100’s off your bill.

The average household spends around £1,153 on gas and electricity each year give or take. This is a huge amount of money and for most people unnecessary. There are always ways to keep your costs down! Here are 5 little gadgets which will help you along the way of being more energy sufficient whilst potentially saving you hundreds.

Energy Monitors

Energy monitors are a great way for us to improve our energy-using habits and slash the price of our bills by up to 15%. By installing an energy monitor you will be able to see exactly how much energy your devices are using and how much it is costing you so you know exactly when to start cutting down.

This device could make you an annual saving of £200.

Here you can get an wireless electricity monitor from Amazon for just £27.99.

Standby Saver

Don’t think that because your devices are on standby they aren’t eating away at your electricity. They can still use up to 85% of the energy they would be if they were left on. These standby saving devices can make you an annual saving of £40. They allow you to easily switch off appliances fully when they are not in use.

You can get an Ekotek standby saver for just £6.30.

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Radiator Booster Tube

This little device will stop any heat from escaping your water filled radiator and prevent it from going down the back. This will really enhance the heat it gives off therefore not needing to leave it on for as long.

The fan circulates the warm air around the room and according to the Energy Saving Trust you might be able to turn down your thermostat by a much as three degrees Celsius.

You can get a radiator booster tube for just £21.95.


Go green with your lightbulbs 

Do you have eco-friendly lightbulbs? If not then you may want to consider investing. These light bulbs take a little bit of time to light up to their full potential, however they use 75% less energy and can make you an annuaecol saving of £55. They aren’t that expensive to buy either. Did you know that the traditional light bulb has actually been banned by the European Union?

Cut your computing costs with an Eco button

If you are a big computer user, this button will cut your annual costs by £50. The button lights up as a prompt to save electricity and when you’re away from the computer you can press this button and it will put your computer onto a low power saving mode.

You can get them here for just £12.99.

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