5 fail-safe personalised gift ideas

5 fail-safe personalised gift ideas

If you haven’t discovered Blurb yet, then you are about to find the answer to all of your last minute gift idea problems!

If you’re like me, you’d like people to have something nice to open, make a book with Blurb.

Blurb helps you lay out, upload, and print your photos and written content in beautiful, professional-quality books. Nothing says Happy Birthday, Happy Mothers/Fathers day, Happy Christmas etc quite like a personalised gift.

Here are my top 5 unique ideas:

1.A family cookbook: Do people always call you for that one recipe from that one thing? Put all the family favourites (maybe even photos of the makers!) in one place and ensure everyone has them.

2. A travel book: Did you go someplace interesting this year? Share your adventure by compiling your favourite places and moments into a coffee table. With text room for inside jokes, anecdotes, landmark photos, it’s a great gift for anyone who travelled with you or wished they went.

3. A city guide: Maybe you live far away from family or friends who would love to see your daily surroundings. Photos and introductions to your favourite places might be just what they need to feel connected!

4. A family yearbook: Gather up the funny photos and sweet moments from the year, and order them into a beautiful keepsake for your family that they can enjoy for years to come.

5. Your own personal work: Have you been recording a family history? Penning short stories set in your grandmother’s era? Collecting lovely slices of life on Instagram? Making a children’s book for your nieces? Get them printed! With so many formats and paper options, the possibilities are endless. This year, give your work the audience it deserves.

CLICK HERE to visit Blurb and start creating your personalised gifts.

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