5 hobbies that can become a business.

5 hobbies that can become a business.

They say that if you love your day job then you’ll never work a day in your life, and if you go to work every day filled with dread, it may be time for a career change.

If you are really passionate about something, then why not try and turn it into a business? You are much more likely to succeed in something you are passionate about. If you are worried about leaving a stable job to concentrate on a new business, then you could concentrate on your new venture evenings and weekends until it really takes off.

The main thing you can be doing to help speed the process up is advertise. Make sure you make good use of all social media channels as this is a great platform for promoting small businesses, as well as word of mouth.

Here are five hobbies that you can easily turn into business’s:


If you are a keen baker then there is plenty of room in the market for you and this could be a great career path for you, especially if you can set yourself apart from other bakers out there on the market. Some things you will need to consider is where you will sell your products, what sort of money similar business’s are currently making and what the costs of packaging, ingredients and advertising will roughly be.

You can start by selling to friends and family and then eventually you can approach supermarkets, farmers markets and events, before opening your own bakery.


If you are a keen carpenter then don’t be put off by the amount of competition out there. There is still a demand for hand-made one of a kind pieces. If you can produce interesting products that stand out from the crowd then there will definitely be a gap on the market for you and there will always be people willing to buy sturdy well-made pieces.


If your passion is music then why not pass your talent on and teach others how to sing or play an instrument. You can start a business tutoring both children and adults.


Those of you who are interested in fashion have lots of areas you can branch off into. You can easily become a personal shopper in some of the larger high street stores, or a stylist to those who need guidance from somebody who is fashion savvy. If you have a passion for fashion writing then you can make money from the ads on a successful fashion blog or even go on to have a successful book.


Fitness fanatics have the opportunity to teach what they do to others and get paid to do so. Whether it may be yoga, pilates, zumba or the next new exercising craze why not turn your hobby into your job? You could even consider taking your classes to schools and other clubs.

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