£5 off £40 spend at Lidl

£5 off £40 spend at Lidl

Know someone who shops at Lidl? Let them know about this voucher

I am lucky enough to have the UK’s largest coupon collection. The latest coupon is £5 off a £40 spend in Lidl.

I usually have roughly 400 coupons on my website at any one time to help you bring your grocery shopping bill right down.

In the past I have helped people get £50 worth of groceries absolutely free, £60 worth of groceries for only £15, free soup and even free pizza!

See my full coupon list here…

To claim your £5 off a £40 spend coupon, simply print the coupon below…

Valid from 22nd July – 31st July 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.23.58

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