5 secret tips for finding the best eBay deals!

5 secret tips for finding the best eBay deals!

EBay is the UK’s largest auction site and is a great place for finding amazing deals on pretty much anything you desire from cars, boats and bikes to clothes shoes and trinkets. Whatever it is you’re looking for, the chances are you’ll find it here. The only problem is that it’s like looking through an enormous online jumble sale and it can sometimes be a full time job sifting through everything in order to find the best deals. There will always be an amazingly cheap deal hiding somewhere, it’s jut a case of hunting it out.  So to make things easier for you, I’ve listed 5 secret tips to make your bargain hunting simple!


If you are bidding on something and don’t want to miss out, then you can use an eBay sniping website like www.goofbid.com. This site knows when to put your bid in right at the very last second so that nobody else has the chance to respond meaning you are definitely going to be the final bidder and therefore win. Some people class this as playing dirty but it’s perfectly legal!

Search for misspelled items

Spelling mistakes are extremely common on eBay. Say if you are looking for a Gucci bag for example, try searching for ‘Guci Bag’ or other common misspellings of the word. These products can’t be found in the generative search which means fewer bidders will be bidding on it! If you can find a misspelled item than you’re in with a much better chance of getting it for the cheapest price possible!


Find an inexperienced seller

Although many eBay customers tend to favour experienced sellers which is fine, you can often come across new and inexperienced sellers who don’t often know the value of what they are selling. Look for sellers with a low feedback level who are offering a ‘Buy It Now’ price on an item they really should be putting up for auction but haven’t worked out the difference yet. Just beware of deals that look way too good to be true!

Look local

Some eBay sellers will only give you the option of collecting your item in person which is pretty useless for the majority of bidders but great if you live nearby since you won’t have to pay any postage and packaging! Use www.localbargainfinder.com to track down deals in your area easily! Just type in your post code and you’re good to go.

Use last minute auction

If you go on to www.lastminuteauction.com, you will find a list of eBay auctions that will end within an hour and even better, where the bid is still less than a pound. All you have to do is choose the category you are looking for and the site will do the rest!

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