5 things that will make all 90’s girls nostalgic!

5 things that will make all 90’s girls nostalgic!

If you are a girl who grew up in the 90’s like myself, then I’m hoping you might be able to remember some of these items! These are my top 5 flashback items that immediately take me straight back to the 1990’s! I was a proud owner of all of these things and I bet a lot of you are too!

1. The Von Dutch cap!

Not quite sure if mine was the real deal or not since there were a lot of ‘fakes’ knocking about once these became popular, but if you didn’t own at least one then you weren’t cool! I had one in every colour almost!








2. Jane norman bags!

Who had one of these bags for school? Jane Norman must of been making a fortune back in the day because these bags were in such high demand at one point the only place you could your hands on one was eBay! Not to mention the plastic shopping bag versions we’d all use for our P.E kits. 

jane nor









3. Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips were amazing! And it seemed like the more you could fit on your head the better! 








4. Tammy girl

Forget Topshop, Zara and Missguided! Tammy Girl was the ONLY place to shop if you wanted to look remotely fashionable! Who else used to save up all of their pocket money so they could go mad in this fashion store?








5. Inflatable bags

Anyone who was anybody used to own an inflatable bag! If you were really lucky you may of had the inflatable chair in your bedroom to match! I have a feeling these bags could make a comeback at some point!









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