5 ways to save some pennies this half-term

5 ways to save some pennies this half-term

Keeping the kids entertained during school holidays can be a nightmare for any mum, but staying on budget while you do so can be almost impossible. Never fear though, we’ve got a raft of ideas to keep boredom at bay and budgets in check.

1. A night at the movies

No, not at the actual movies – you’d probably have to re-mortgage the house to take the whole family to the cinema! Grab a cheap DVD in the supermarket and stock up on snacks, then set the mood with the lights off and lots of “shh”-ing. Homemade nachos and popcorn will be tastier and cheaper than at your local multiplex.

2. Get your nose in a book

Check out what activities your local library has going on over half-term, they’re often cheap or free and your kiddiewinks might even learn something! Make sure you borrow some books while you’re there, your little ones will love having ‘new’ books around the house, and borrowing rather than buying keeps clutter to a minimum too.


3. Blanket fort challenge

Challenge your kids to build the best blanket fort out of sofa cushions, throws, duvets and any other soft furnishings they can get their hands on. Serve up snacks inside when they’re done, or you could even let them have a sleepover in their forts.

4. Bake a cake

Baking ingredients aren’t always cheap, so keep costs down with a kit or a very basic recipe – flapjacks and decorating biscuits make good budget options. If your kids are a bit older, why not ask them to make tea one day? Set them a budget and take them shopping, then leave them to it – they’ll love the responsibility, even if you don’t love the mess they make!

5. Decorate a T-shirt

Probably not a great option for fashion-conscious teens and pre-teens, but your little ones will love the chance to decorate their own clothes. Find something they don’t wear any more, then round up any felt pens and craft supplies you have lying around and let them get stuck in!

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