5 ways your technology is spying on you

5 ways your technology is spying on you

Technology these days is extremely advanced to say the least. Our devices are constantly developing more and more new and creative features for us to take advantage of. But some of them may be a bit more sneaky and we’ve been left questioning our privacy these days. How far can they really go to snatch our personal information? Here are 5 ways companies are slyly capturing our personal data without us realising.


1.Mobile Phone Networks

Did you know that your phone Network has an accurate knowledge of where you are at any one time? Or at least to your nearest phone tower. And if you live in a built up area then it will likely be able to pin – point your actual street.

2. Smartphone Location Services

This is one of the more shocking ones which certainly sparked some outrage when it was revealed last year. If you have an iPhone then click on your settings, then go to privacy, then select your location services, and then frequent locations. A list should come up revealing all the places you regularly visit. It will even know your ‘home’ address and your ‘work’ address.

Android also stores just as much information from Google, the information is stored on the cloud instead though. Some people argue that this could be dangerous, for example if your phone falls into the hands of thieves or the wrong person, would you really want them to have access to all of that personal information? If not then you can switch the feature off in the location settings.


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4. Uber

Uber will keep the data on all of your journeys. The company will show you your ride history as well as information about your driver. The information is often helpful when it comes to solving customer disputes, although again, people are often uncomfortable with the company keeping your details of where you live, work and frequently travel to on their database.

5. Smart Tv

I recently did a post about how we can no longer discuss personal matters in front of our TV’s as Samsung Smart TV’s record conversations. Thanks to their intrusive new feature, Samsung’s voice activation will capture all nearby  conversations, and can be transmitted to a third party.


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