6 Decorative Calendars To See You Through Advent

Advent calendars are something of a tradition for many families in the count down to Christmas, so why not buy something a little more bespoke and personal that you can pull out every year? These DIY calendars will add some festive decoration to your home year after year, and will allow you to choose your families favourite sweet treats, giving you the best lead up to Christmas!

Not On The Highstreet

Personalised Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Hanger
Personalised Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Hanger, £25

This personalised, wooden advent calendar has a beautiful, modern, Scandinavian, handmade look and will look great hanging on your bedroom wall. The cutout name detail means you won’t get mixed up with whose sweet treats are whose.

Red House Advent Calendar
Red House Advent Calendar, £33

This wooden, traditional look advent house will look gorgeous stood in your home with its bright, festive red colour. It will be a stand-out decoration every year.


Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar, £15

This cardboard, stacked tree advent will add a little sparkle to any room this Christmas with its glitter detail numbers and fun festive slogans! It’s a more contemporary look calendar which will look great in a more modern house.


Santa Wooden Advent Calendar
Santa Wooden Advent Calendar, £13.64

Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? This cheery Calendar is sure to brighten up your home this Christmas and will give you the gift of lovely festive treats in the countdown!

Fabric Hanging Advent Calendar Countdown
Fabric Hanging Advent Calendar Countdown, £9.59

This pretty fabric, hanging tree advent calendar with festive embellished pockets will bring a handmade look to your home. It’s a great staple decoration to bring out year after year!



Traditional Wooden Advent Calendar
Traditional Wooden Advent Calendar, WAS: £31.95, NOW: £26.95

This traditional, wooden advent calendar with Santa Claus train detail will make a beautiful, eye-catching decoration for your home. It’s sure to be loved by both young and old!



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