6 Things You Can Do To Save Money In 2018

We all know that the first couple of months of the year can be tight after an expensive festive season, and it can be hard to save money for things like holidays, big purchases, and upcoming events throughout the year. So here are 6 nifty little tips for you to try to help you save a little extra cash this 2018!

Shop Sales & Offers

If you’re really in need of some new clothes or a gift for somebody, try and shop the sales. Often a lot of great stuff that’s full price up until Christmas goes straight in to the sales, and you could get it for half the price! Also try to stay away from browsing the sales if you’re really not in need of anything.

Buying things like toiletries are often unavoidable spends. So if you see things like your toothpaste or shampoo on offer, even if you don’t need any right now but it’s a great price, it’s better to buy it at a discounted now than pay more later.

Withdraw a Weekly Budget

Budget for the week and withdraw the cash you need at the start, then watch how much you are spending. It often feels like you are parting with more when you physically hand over the cash rather than paying contactlessly. This way, hopefully, you’ll be able to stop yourself unnecessarily buying.

Cancel Unused Gym Memberships

Be honest with yourself, if you don’t really use memberships that you’ve taken out, like the gym for instance, cancel them. You could be saving a large amount of money per month that you could put away for holiday spending money for instance. If you do fancy working out every so often, there’s some great home workouts online, instead of taking out a membership that you’ll only use once in a blue moon.

Don’t Buy Brand Names

Brand names, unless they’re on offer, can be much more expensive than own brands, and though you may only save the odd pound or 50p on each item, across an entire shop it really does add up! If you really don’t like the taste of own brands, why not check out like brands at stores such as Aldi where you can get a very similar product for less?

Refrain From Online Browsing

If you don’t really need any new clothing, or accessories, or anything you’d usually like to treat yourself to, don’t go online for a browse. You may just go online to have a look, but often this can turn in to unnecessary impulse buying. What you don’t see, you won’t need!

Don’t Buy Food On The Go

Often when you’re at work, it can be easy if you’re busy or in a rush, to pop to the shop for some lunch, or pick up some breakfast on the way, but these habits of spending the odd few pounds here and there do mount up. So why not make a packed lunch the night before out of things you have in the house, and if you’re an avid coffee drinker and often pop out for a couple of cups a day, why not make a flask before you set off for work? It really will save you quite a bit of money!

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