7 Secret Santa Gifts Everyone Will Love!

Secret Santa is a super fun way to gift give at Christmas and takes away the stress of buying for an entire group of people. It can be hard however, if you don’t know the person you draw really well or don’t have a big budget. So, here are Seven gift idea’s that everyone in the office or friend group is sure to love!


Socks are great for everyone, they’re something that everyone needs and there’s some great patterns and styles out there too! These socks are far from boring!

Darcy Glitter Pearl & Star Ankle Socks
Darcy Glitter Pearl & Star Ankle Socks, £5

These fashionable, glittery star socks from boohoo are sure to add some sparkle to her Christmas with their pearl and gold embellishment!

3 Pack Black Fine Striped Socks In Contrast Heel+Toe
3 Pack Black Fine Striped Socks In Contrast Heel+Toe, £4

These stripy socks from boohoo are sure to stand out with their contrast colour block detail! His sock drawer need never be boring again!


You can’t go wrong with a mug. Whether its something personalised, funny, or just super pretty, they can use it for their favourite drink, as decoration or even as a storage pot for makeup brushes.

It's Not A Sin To Prefer A Gin Mug
It’s Not A Sin To Prefer A Gin Mug, £11.99

Have a friend who just loves their gin? They’ll adore this witty, pretty, patterned mug from The Present Finder. It will be great to drink their tea (ahem gin) out of.

Bodum Bistro Black Travel Mug
Bodum Bistro Black Travel Mug, £9.60

These popular bodum travel mugs from Tesco are perfect for carrying hot drinks while on the move. They’re great for the morning commute!


The majority of people love to listen to music. Whether its on their commute, walking the dog, or at the gym, they’re sure to find a pair of headphones handy!

Intempo Bluetooth Metallic Earbuds
Intempo Bluetooth Metallic Earbuds, £15

These pretty, rose gold earbuds from JD Williams are sure to make a stylish statement with their on-trend, metallic style!

Sony MDR-ZX310 Stereo / Monitor Over-Head Headphones
Sony MDR-ZX310 Stereo / Monitor Over-Head Headphones, £15.19

These Sony foldable headphones from Ebay will be great for the gym, working out, or for the daily commute with their lightweight, comfortable design and noise cancelling elements.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Whether they’re obsessed with photography or love taking selfies, these cool phone accessories will make great presents!

4in1 Fish Eye+Wide Angle+Macro+Telephoto Lens Camera Kit For Smart Phone
4in1 Fish Eye+Wide Angle+Macro+Telephoto Lens Camera Kit For Smart Phone, £2.88

This assortment of 4 smartphone camera lenses from Ebay will help keen photographers and Instagrammers alike, take quality photos without having the fuss of carrying around an expensive camera.

Selfie LED Ring Light
Selfie LED Ring Light, £4.99

These clip on ring lights from Ebay will give them fantastic lighting and will allow them to take the perfect selfie wherever they go!


Nothing screams Christmas like sweet treats! You’ll be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t like sweets or chocolate, and getting them some confectionary that is a little different is sure to go down a treat!

Harry Potter Hamper
Harry Potter Hamper, £20

If they’re a big Potterhead they’ll love this Harry potter sweets hamper from JD Williams! Including the infamous themed sweets from the books and films such as ‘Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans’ and “Chocolate Frogs’, they’re sure to love this magical gift set.

Personalised Retro Sweets Taster Jar
Personalised Retro Sweets Taster Jar, £12

Whether they’re a retro baby, or just love their classic sweets, they’re sure to love this sweet jar from JD Williams! You can even personalise it by adding their name and a message too!


Everyone needs a pair of slippers, especially throughout the festive season to keep their toes toasty warm while watching Christmas films!

Heavenly Soles Rabbit Mule Slipper
Heavenly Soles Rabbit Mule Slipper, £15

These cute novelty bunny slippers from JD Williams will keep her feet cosy with their furry material. She’ll love their adorable little bunny ears too!

Men's Memory Foam Slippers
Men’s Memory Foam Slippers, £10.99

These memory foam slippers with fur lining from Ebay are sure to be super comfortable and warm for the chillier season.

Alcoholic Gift Sets

If they enjoy their alcoholic beverages, or like a tipple or two over the festive season, they’ll love a specialist alcoholic gift set.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit
Craft Beer Tasting Kit, £10

If they love their beer they’ll think this Craft Beer Tasting Kit from JD Williams is fantastic! Including information about the history and flavours, its an interesting way for them to learn about their favourite beers whilst having fun blind tasting with friends.

Personalised Baileys Gift Set
Personalised Baileys Gift Set, £20

No alcoholic drink screams Christmas like Baileys! This gift set from JD Williams is sure to get them in the festive mood and will help them to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. You can even customise the glass to add their name giving it an extra special, personal touch.



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