7 Ways to Workout At Home Using Household Items

Missing your gym classes and are looking for ways to work out safely at home that’ll really get you sweating? We’re showing you how to create an at home gym with stuff you’ll have about the house!

Paper plates

Paper plates are a fantastic way to add some intensity to your workout. Make sure you’re on a solid floor, put the paper plate under one foot, slide it back into a lunge then slide back up into a standing position. Alternatively, put a plate under both feet and slide yourself from a downward dog into a plank. The sliding motion really works those leg and core muscles. 


The stairs

Walking or running up the stairs is a great workout to get the blood pumping. There’s no need to buy those expensive cardio machines! Why not add some weight to the equation as you climb to make the workout even harder? You can even use the bottom step to do your usual gym step workouts too! Just remember to be mindful that you don’t fall. 

Milk and detergent bottles

Bottles of milk and laundry detergent make brilliant alternatives to dumbbells and weights. They’ll help you to get that muscle workout you need so you can tone up without paying for pricey branded weights. Add this into your stair workout for extra effort! 

Make use of those tins!

Just starting out exercising with weights and need something a little lighter to add to the equation? Tins of beans are great for easing you into fitness routines with weights, they’re sure to give those arms a good workout without being too much. They’re great for practicing beginner tricep and bicep curls and Russian twists too!


They may seem an unlikely household item to workout with, but chairs are fantastic for so many different routines including tricep dips, chair planks, leg lifts and more! 


Who needs a yoga mat when you can simply use a large cotton bath towel for your workout? It’s perfect for yoga or pilates, or for when you have to do some ground work on a hard floor and want to protect your back. It means you won’t have to fork out on a matt that you know you’ll probably never use again after the quarantine. 


One of the best exercises you can do to work those abs is a wall sit, and all you need to do it (clue is in the title) is a wall, meaning this tiring and trimming little workout costs you nothing! 


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