My 8 top money saving tips with Readers Digest

My 8 top money saving tips with Readers Digest

I have teamed up with Readers Digest to bring you some of my best money saving tips…

I am so excited that I teamed up with Readers Digest. When I told my Mam I would be dong this her reaction was great – ”WOW! Ashleigh do you realise they are huge?! This is fantastic”

I’ve gave her 3 grandchildren, came number 74 on top 100 Britons list of 2014 and she was more excited about my article with Readers Digest haha!

You can head to Readers Digest to see my top 8 tips here…

Whilst you are there, have a look around their website.

They have many articles fashion, beauty, food & drink, fun & games plus much more, like this tip for using mouthwash to get rid of your dandruff! 

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