9 Amazingly Alternative Advent Calendars To Count You Down To Christmas

Do you love having an advent calendar to count you down to Christmas but you’re just not in to traditional chocolate ones? Here are 9 alternative calendars from snacks and alcohol to jewellery and toiletries that you’re sure to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas!

John Lewis


Hand Decorated Iced Gingerbread Advent Calendar

Hand Decorated Iced Gingerbread Advent Calendar, £15

If you’re wanting something traditionally Christmassy but don’t like chocolate, or are simply a bit of a biscuit fiend, you’ll love this pretty, hand decorated, gingerbread tree advent calendar!

Virgin Wines


Wine Advent Calendar
Wine Advent Calendar , £79.99

Consider yourself something of a wine connoisseur or just simply like drinking it? This massive wine advent calendar will make your December even merrier with its assortment of wines from different brands! You’re sure to have a tasty tipple every day with this grown-up calendar.

The Present Finder

Peel the Sprout
Peel the Sprout, £9.99

Christmas isn’t Christmas without sprouts, and this fun little guy is sure to bring some smiles as you pass the parcel and unpeel a layer of novelty toys, jokes and crowns every day in the run up! You won’t be bored with this one!

Vintage Bunting Advent Calendar
Vintage Bunting Advent Calendar, £24.99

Are you a bit of a vintage Victoria and fancy something that will give you a little TLC throughout December? This gorgeous box is stuffed with 24 gorgeous satin bags, each numbered and filled with little retro toiletry treats! Dive in to the keepsake box everyday, or hang the bags up as pretty bunting on your wall!


Technic Man'Stuff 12 Days Toiletry Advent Calendar
Technic Man’Stuff 12 Days Toiletry Advent Calendar, £11.84

If you know a man who likes to stay polished, he’ll love this 12 days of Christmas gentleman’s calendar! Filled with grooming tools and toiletries, this calendar will keep him feeling clean and fresh over the Christmas period.


Cheese Advent Calendar
Cheese Advent Calendar, £8

Addicted to cheese and could eat it like chocolate? Well this wonderful cheese calendar lets you do just that! With an assortment of 24 cheeses to try, you can indulge in a different cheese every day!


The Snaffling Pig - Merry Piggin' Christmas Advent Calendar
The Snaffling Pig – Merry Piggin’ Christmas Advent Calendar, £15

Love munching on pork scratchings down the pub or like something more savoury than sweet? You’ll love this huge A3 advent calendar stuffed with all of The Snaffling Pig’s wonderful pork crackling flavours!


Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar, £24.99

If you love candles, then this is the calendar for you! This box is filled with an assortment of festive Yankee tealight candles, which will give you the daily treat of relaxation with their Christmassy scents such as; ‘All Is Bright’, ‘Christmas Cookie’ and ‘Macaron Treats’.

Tuscan Lily

Luxury Earring Advent Calendar
Luxury Earring Advent Calendar, £99

Are you a lover of statement jewellery? This glitzy calendar is the one for you! Filled with an assortment of beautiful Jasper Harrod earrings in a range of styles, you can sparkle all Christmas long!



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