A Mum Attacked A Dad With Stiletto And Avoids Jail

A Mum Attacked A Dad With Stiletto and Avoids Jail

A mum attacks a fellow parent with a metal tipped stiletto as he was occupying a toilet she wanted to use. The Incident occurred on May 4.

After turning up DRUNK to pick up her child, 30-year-old, Emma Harrington started an argument in the reception area of Eaton Park Academy, between herself and a fellow parent, as he was using a lavatory she need to use. After he was finished and she could access the toilet, she claimed she could smell cannabis. 

During the argument, Emma called the dad a ‘junkie’, which then caused the dad to tell her to ‘go back to the lap-dancing club’. This enraged Harrington so much, that she slapped him. After a small brawl, she removed her metal tipped stiletto and started striking him with it. The stiletto caused injuries to his head and hands.

Teachers from the school had to escort the children away from the area before the fight got more violent.

The heel wasn’t only use to attack the parent. After the fight she used the heel to cause damage to a door, costing £400.

On Monday, Emma was in court, where she was facing assault by beating and criminal damage, which she pleaded guilty to both. She avoided jail time, but was given a community order and was made to pay £500.

The incident was recorded on by the CCTV cameras, which the prosecutor watched to see the full story.

Harrington is unemployed and last year she was convicted of assaulting a police officer. 

Simon Dykes who was defending Harrington said that the attack was ‘out of character’ and that she regrets the incident. He also said that she needs help, she has been drinking alcohol excessively and misusing Subutex which is a heroin substitute.

Emma faces anxiety and the alcohol and Subutex helps her go about her daily business. This has led to a big problem.

Emma Harrington now faces 12-months of community service, 6-months of drug rehab and a 20-day rehab activity. She also has to pay a £100 fine, £400 to the school as compensation, £100 to the victim, £135 costs and £85 victim surcharge, making a total of £820. 

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