Adult Only – New Product

KNKY  -New rage of interactive and HEATED sex toys.

You may see these in the papers and magazines soon; KNKY is the worlds first and only heated male and female sex toy range.

It can be controlled from an interactive app any where in the world, meaning they’re ideal for long distance relationships or to add that bit of fun. (if your really daring you can interact with 4 people at once from anywhere).

They are not yet released but the company based in the North East is allowing people to pre order and be the first to take deliveries buy supporting them before production

To find out more and be the first to own one – Click Here

You will see them featured in all the national press over the next few weeks and in heat magazine also. They are also backed by two popular north east celebrities. 

Like I said if you want to be one of the first get in quick! The heated bit certainly appeals to me.

Ash x

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