Advised to dispose of Hoverboards? Here’s some alternatives

Advised to dispose of Hoverboards? Here’s some alternatives

Have you bought a hoverboard for one of your children this Christmas? Well nobody could have predicted the backlash they’ve now received causing most retailers to recall them. Amazon have today spoke out encouraging their customers to dispose of the ‘Segways’ as they are just too much of a safety hazard!

CLICK HERE to read more about the recalls and safety issues. 

If you have somebody at home who had their heart set on a hoverboard but you don’t want to take any safety risks, don’t panic!!

Here are my top alternatives that the kids will get just as much enjoyment out of for a similar price range.

Space Scooter

Space scooters are on the top of most kids Christmas lists this year and have a similar concept to the hoverboards. You can get them here online at Smyths with prices starting from just £69.99 but there are lots to choose from.

Sporter Scooter

You may have seen lots of kids out and about on these nifty things lately. Another unique way of getting around. There are no pedals and no pushing required. Just as much fun to be had and they won’t break the bank. Prices start here from just £59.99.

Electric Scooter

The rechargeable electric scooters are set to be another winner this Christmas…. and they’ve passed all of the necessary safety checks so you won’t have to worry about the plug sockets setting on fire through the night! You can find them here on Amazon from reputable sellers under the £100 mark.

Rechargable Quad Bike

This may be a good alternative for younger children. These rechargeable quad bikes are safer than they sound and are much cooler in my opinion. Amazon have them here with prices starting at just £55.

What to do if you bought a hoverboard from Amazon

Amazon has sent an email to all customers advising them to throw their hoverboards away. The email also states that full refunds will be given.


The email added: “We regret the inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that your safety and satisfaction is our highest priority.”

Customers could contact Amazon customer services if they did not wish to keep the product, the firm said.

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