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See which credit cards offer air miles as an incentive and the best deals here.

Air miles credit cards are reward-based cards, where the card holder earns points when his or her card is used to pay for purchases, relating to:

  • Shopping (on and off line)
  • Fuel
  • Vehicle hire
  • Travel

Because air miles credit cards have traditionally been used to pay for big ticket items, airmiles cards can be particularly appealing to people who make frequent and long haul flights.

Frequent travellers can earn large numbers of points when they pay for expensive travel tickets with an air miles credit card and when they use their card to pay for hotels and other day-to-day spending while away. In addition to points, some cards also offer extras such as free entry to exclusive airport lounges around the world, or a place in priority boarding queues.

The number of points the air miles card holder earns usually depends entirely on how much he or she spends on the card each month. And despite the name, points earned on air miles credit cards do not necessarily have to be redeemed for flights: they can sometimes be spent on hotels, international rail travel or tickets for shows and concerts, for example. Furthermore, points can be bought directly using cash, which can enable the card holder to obtain their reward quicker than having to wait to collect points through card purchases.

It is important, however, that the monthly balance on an air miles credit card is paid off, in full and on time. Failing to do so, may incur an interest charge which could outweigh the value of the points earned during the month. In addition to interest charges, air miles credit cards usually apply an annual fee, which can be in the region of £150 a year, or more.

Although air miles credit cards are issued by high street banks and other lenders, they are sometimes linked to particular airlines.

Compare the latest air miles cards from Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Avios and Lloyds Bank  – Air Miles Credit Card Comparison.

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