Air prices to rise RIDICULOUS amounts this half-term.

Air prices to rise RIDICULOUS amounts this half-term.

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It’s no secret that flight prices rocket in the school holidays, but I wasn’t aware of quite how serious the issue has become!

A new study has shown that flights abroad cost EIGHT times more when they are booked during school holidays. That’s an increase of a whopping 200 percent. Quite frankly I’m shocked that the travel companies are still able to get away with this.

The ten airports most guilty of the of the price hikes are:

1. London 272%

2. Nottingham 266%

3. Leeds 253%

4. Birmingham 218%

5. Manchester 216%

6. Liverpool 196%

7. Bristol 187%

8. Belfast 177%

9. Cardiff 176%

10. Edinburgh 146%


This map published by The Sun in their article highlights the price hike.

If you were thinking of booking up with any of these airports then it may be worth doing a search elsewhere first to see how much money you’d be able to save.

I completely understand why parents get so frustrated with this situation as many will struggle to match these extortionate prices. What’s even more annoying is the hefty fine they would be faced with if they chose to take a week out of school time. The reality is, it has gotten to a point now where the fine is often the cheaper option!

There has now been numerous campaigns set up on Facebook, I remember seeing one last year which was set up by a 42-year old Dad from Devon who was appalled when he discovered that it was £300 MORE expensive to go to Center Parcs during the school holidays, although clearly no action is yet being taken.

It is not just London suffering from the price hikes it is now pretty much affecting everyone.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this issue. Join my poll below!

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