Airlines Now Charging £88 To Sit Children Next To Parents

Airlines Now Charging £88 To Sit Children Next To Parents

Are you thinking of taking the kids away this summer? If so then you might be shocked to learn that airlines are now charging families an extra £88 just to be sat together on their flights!

I know this is the last thing we need, and the revelation has caused an up raw for campaigners! You may think that the official guidelines would cover this issue and state that parents must not be separated from children under a certain age, but selection policies vary from airline to airline. 



Also be aware that airlines such as Flybe, Monarch and Ryanair have started to play on parents fears by pressuring them to book their seats early in order to secure their seats together, but in reality this is just a ploy to get us paying even more.

Thomas Cook and EasyJet say they will seat families together without any extra costs, however passengers travelling in groups will still be expected to pay more. 


These charges come on top of airport tax, fuel surcharges and fees for using credit cards! 

Whether you are booking your flights through a travel agents or online, it is worth looking into this before handing over your money, as often this can be disguised as a hidden cost and you would be forgiven for thinking you’d automatically be seated next to each other. 

Have you paid childrens flight tax on flights departing AFTER May 1st? If so CLICK HERE to find out how you can reclaim.

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