Aldi Is Selling A Camera Drone, And You Won’t Believe The Price!

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nah, it’s a drone from Aldi!

If your kids have always asked for a drone, this one from Aldi is brilliantly priced.

At just £50.00, this camera drone is perfect for making some fun memories with the family.

The remote control device can fly up to 50 metres in the sky, and Aldi claim it is resistant to strong winds.

It sounds super enjoyable to use! The camera can transmit to iOS and Android phones so you can view what you are recording.

The quality of the drone’s camera isn’t too shabby, either! It’s a brilliant 720p – nearly HD standard. Plus, the camera is detachable so you can use it without the drone too. Even more bargain for your buck!

The only downside? This drone has a flying time of six to eight minutes, so it’s not the most long lasting.

This Aldi Specialbuy certainly isn’t to be missed. At such a great price, we don’t think it’ll be around for long!

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