Aldi Is Selling Dupes Of Nando’s Chicken Wings And They’re Amazing

Bargain supermarket, Aldi has launched its own Nando’s style chicken wings and we’re totally obsessed

The retailer is stocking Los Pollos BBQ and Buffalo spicy chicken wings and they really bear resemblance to Nando’s packaging.

These £1.99 wings come in a box that looks like an exact replica for Nando’s packaging but with a fresh take on Aztec print and bright primary colours.

The best reason to buy these chicken wings is, of course, the price as you’ll be saving a few quid instead of a trip to Nando’s.

You’ll save around £1.96 eating at home than buying three chicken wings at Nando’s (£3.95) that feeds just one person.

The wings are now on sale in-stores at Aldi and will be stocked throughout the year so snap them up whenever you’re feeling up for a night nice in!

Image: Aldi
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