Aldi Launches New Line Of Low Calorie Slimming Meals And They’re Super Affordable!

Are you wanting to slim down but don’t want to break the bank on expensive ingredients and slimming meals? Well, Aldi’s here to help you save money once again with their latest brilliant products, and this time, they’re not special buys!

Aldi has released a new range of ready meals for slimmers. They’re a third cheaper than Iceland’s, and have less calories too!

You can enjoy a tasty Slim Free Chicken Tikka Masala which contains 371 calories compared with Iceland’s 405. Or, similarly, you can have the Chicken Saag meal for just 322 calories opposed to the popular competitor’s 395.

Even better – they’re a bargain priced at a fantastic £1.99 opposed to Iceland’s price tag of £3! The new range is better for your purse, too.

Aldi said their range is inspired by “pan continental flavours” – you can enjoy the exotic flavours you love whilst still losing weight.

The meals include:

  • Chicken Saag
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Meatballs and Pasta
  • Three Bean and Vegetable Chilli
  • Spicy Moroccan Vegetable Stew
Image: Aldi


Image: Aldi

They’re sure to satisfy with ingredients that are packed full of flavour. The varied dinners include lean meat, pasta, pulses and vegetables. This makes them both nutritious and low in fat and calories.

The dinners can be cooked with ease and speed in the oven or microwave, making them perfect for people who lead busy lives and want to lose weight or eat healthily.

Image, Aldi


Image: Aldi

Aldi’s Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying, Julie Ashfield said: “our Slim Free ready meal range is aimed at customers who enjoy healthy eating without compromising on taste or quality. At just £1.99 each, they offer excellent value.”

Image: Aldi

Unlike the Jo Malone copycat candles, Aldi haven’t claimed that their Slim Fast meals are a copy of Slimming World’s. It’s believed the calorie cutting meals are syn free for Slimming World dieters, though Slimming World have not yet commented.

The meals will be available as staple products rather than as a Special Buy, so if you’re currently cutting down or just need healthy speedy meals, these new options from Aldi may be great for you!


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