Aldi Is Now Selling A Home Pizza Oven!

Summer, the season of garden parties and get togethers, and as if we’re not looking forward to setting the barbecue up enough, Aldi have made our summer even better by giving us home pizza ovens!

Is there anything better than the thought of fabulous authentic pizza’s to eat at home whenever you want!?

The bargain supermarket is selling the pizza oven which was previously priced at £100, for an insanely affordable £39.99!

How amazing is that?

The oven made by Gardenline is super simple to use and attaches to your barbecue for easy cooking!

You can cook pizza’s of up to 12 inches in size in just ten minutes, so you can make handmade pizzas for all of your friends and family super fast!



It’s light and portable too so you can take it with you easily.

So, whether you fancy having fun making your own pizza’s, or simply want to cook a shop bought one to perfection, this is the perfect tool!

What’s even better is that you can even use the oven to bake cookies too!

Do we need any more convincing?

This pizza oven is sure to go down a storm with friends and family, and it’s already sold out online too!

So, if you want to get your ‘oven’ mitts on one, you’d best get down to your local Aldi store and scope the special buys aisle asap!

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