Aldi To Sell World’s Hottest Sausages

Do you love spicy food and like to challenge yourself to eating the hottest ones? Well Aldi is set to push your taste buds to the limit with the fieriest sausages on the market.

Popular budget supermarket Aldi have added the Specially Selected Ghost Chilli sausages, which contain chilli so spicy they are reportedly used in grenades, to their freezers.

If you find a Jalapeno hot, then you might want to stay away from these sausages because the Ghost Chilli is said to be 417 times hotter!

It’s actually the 5th hottest chilli in the world.

Just the thought of it is making our eyes water.

The sausages are just £1.99 a pack, so if you can’t stomach them you won’t lose much money, and if you love them, you can buy as many as you like for a fantastic price.

If you fancy trying this hotter than hell food challenge, you’d best be quick! Being part of the Special Buy range, they won’t be around for long!

Image: Aldi
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