Aldi Is Selling Caramel Core Ice Cream & It’s Cheaper Than Ben & Jerry’s!

If you’re a lover of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, you’ll love Aldi’s latest ‘like’ release.

One of the greatest things about the brilliant bargain supermarket Aldi, is their fantastic like brands, and now they’ve brought us another tasty treat and it’s their own version of popular brand Ben & Jerry’s ice cream core tubs.

The delicious ice cream is chocolate and caramel flavour and features a smooth caramel core, which is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Our mouths are already watering!

What’s even better is that it’s £1 cheaper than the ‘real thing’ and costs just £2.50.

There’s nothing better than snuggling up watching your fave box set with a tub of ice cream, and thanks to Aldi, we can now treat ourselves for less!

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