Should Aldi tampons be banned?

Should Aldi tampons be banned?

Teen claimed her Aldi tampon snapped inside of her

19-year-old Lauren Richardson was bought the 85p tampons by her mum.

Lauren used one of the tampons but it soon started hurting, within 5 minutes she tried to remove the tampon after worrying something was wrong.

As Lauren began to remove the tampon it tore in half, luckily she managed to remove the disintegrated bits herself.

Lauren said: “As I pulled the tampon out it ripped in half and it scared the hell out of me. I freaked out. All I could think was: ‘Oh my god, what if I had left it in any longer, maybe nothing would have come out.’ The thought I was going to keep using them and I wouldn’t have realised how poorly made they were was terrifying. I opened another one to see if they were the same and all the ones I opened literally fell apart in my hands – fibres were coming off them. After that we left some of them in a glass of water to see what would happen and they completely disintegrated, turning to cotton wool, without us even touching them.”

Lauren is now warning others to avoid buying Aldi tampons incase a similar thing happens to them.

Lauren’s mum Lesley said ”When Lauren told me what had happened and showed me the tampons I was absolutely disgusted. It is awful that a product could be sold when there is a clear risk to health, I couldn’t believe it. I have bought cheaper brands before and never had a problem with them; you just assume they will be fine.

Aldi have told The Daily Star ”We have apologised to Ms Richardson and have asked her to return the product to store so we can investigate this issue as a matter of urgency. We have also offered her a full refund.”

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