Aldi To Launch Home Delivery Service

Aldi have announced they’re launching home delivery for the first time ever, to help customers get groceries in the time of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Aldi will start offering home delivery this Friday (17/04/20), selling pre-packed food parcels on their website.

The supermarket is going to be selling food parcels on their website to help the elderly and most vulnerable within our communities. Retailing at under £25 including free delivery, this will be a great way for at-risk people to access groceries without having to step foot in-store.

Aldi’s food parcels will include 22 essential items, including pasta, rice, and tinned goods. They will be limited to one per customer, and mark the first time customers will ever have been able to buy groceries via the retailers’ website.

The pre-packed parcels will launch tomorrow and retail for £24.99 including delivery. You will be able to order them here.


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