This £3 Body Spray Smells IDENTICAL To Alien By Thierry Mugler

Is Alien your fave perfume? Well, this body spray is a whopping £42 cheaper.

At less than £3.50, this Superdrug body spray is much more affordable than a bottle of Alien!

Thierry Mugler’s perfume is nearly an eye-watering £50, but Superdrug have come to the rescue with their £3.49 body spray.

Savvy-nosed shoppers have sniffed out this incredible dupe for the designer fragrance.

The similarly-scented body spray is called Blossom, and is from Superdrug’s Layering Lab range.


Superdrug said: “While our body mists don’t have the staying power of perfume and eau de toilette at just £3.49 for a bottle they are savvy alternative for those that can’t afford the designer product.”

Have you tried the Blossom body spray?

Shop now.

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