Alton Towers To Reopen Smiler

Alton Towers are to reopen The Smiler tomorrow

Would you be brave enough to ride the rollercoaster?

In June last year, two teenagers were left needing a leg amputation and dozens more thrill seekers were left injured after human error caused the smiler rollercoaster to crash.

It was the worst accident Alton Towers have ever had.

Alton Towers to reopen Smiler
Four of the teenagers who were injured on the Smiler


Nine months on bosses at the park have decided enough time has passed for the £18 million ride to start up again on March 19.

This means the Smiler will be open in time for the easter holidays, however, many have been left upset over the decision to open the ride again.

Crash victim Vicky Balch, whose leg had to be amputated at the knee, told New Day: ‘I can’t bear to think of the ride re-opening. I had hoped they would destroy it.

After an investigation, management concluded it had happened because of human error, rather than mechanical or technical problems.

The Health and Safety Executive announced it would prosecute park owners Merlin Attractions over alleged safety breaches – the court date is set for April 22.

Is it too soon to open the Smiler? Should it be destroyed?

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