Why You Should Always Double Check Your Lottery Ticket

Ever wondered why you should always double check your lottery ticket?

This woman has learnt the hard way…

A woman who thought she had won big on the lottery and went on a shopping spree – only to double check her ticket later on and realise she hadn’t won after all.

The woman from France thought she had won big on the Euro Millions draw and enjoyed her spending spree splashing out on perfume, jewellery, clothes and more paying with cheques.

However, she later realised she didn’t and all of her cheques bounced.

The £3000 spending spree went unpaid and she ended up in court on fraud charges.

Her ticket was one number out from the jackpot.

The woman tried to cover her tracks by saying her handbag had been stolen along with her chequebook inside – even setting fire to the handbag to hide the evidence.

CCTV from the stores she visited brought down her claim and she changed her plee to guilty.

She has been given a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay back the money.

Full story here…

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  1. How daft do you have to be??? Even if I thought I had won the lottery, until that cheque was cashed and in my account I wouldn’t spend one penny extra! Think you have to be a bit soft in the head to do this, and to then try and defraud the businesses by saying her bag had been stolen, honestly, what a twonk! lol

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