Always read your CV before you hand it out…

Always read your CV before you hand it out…

Why? Spelling mistakes, typo’s, porn…

Your CV is your first impression to the company you would like to work for and it’s always a good idea to have a top notch CV to ensure you make a really good first impression.

But what do you do if you accidentally include something that shouldn’t be on there? Like some porn?!

Sam Smith, from Blackburn, told the Lad Bible: “While creating a CV, people will usually just copy and paste with repetitive formatting. So if they’re adding a new job role, they’ll copy the previous one, paste it and change the information. I have read some pretty bad CVs, some with terrible spelling and even a couple written in text talk. This CV definitely tops them all for the worst, and most embarrassing, f*** up.”

The IT manager had received the CV and was taking a read through it when he found the porn link nestled between a job at Marks & Spencer’s and his volunteering work.

The link, which was from Your Lust, was ‘dark haired leggy sweetie had extra workout with her man’ – had included the full url!

Obviously the IT manager had to take a look at the video to see what it was like but eventually turned it off as the staff complained about the noise!

I wonder if the porn fan ever did get a job with them?

So remember, always check your CV for porn links before you hand them out!

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