Amazing and Unexpected Ideas For Wedding Cakes!

Amazing and Unexpected Ideas For Wedding Cakes!

If you or a family member have a wedding coming up this year then I know how stressful it can be putting the final touches in place! But don’t worry, if it’s inspiration you’re looking for then I have just the thing! Have a look at these un conventional wedding cakes, if you want to set your big day apart from everyone else’s then this is definitely the way to go! 

The Ombre Wedding Cake

The ombre trend has been going strong for a while now, we’ve seen the ombre hair, the ombre clothing and now there’s ombre wedding cakes! Perfect for adding just a splash of colour to your venue!










Cupcake Wedding Cake

Why not break the mould of your average wedding cakes and opt for a cupcake cake instead? Ideal for sharing and not everyone likes fruit cake anyways! How amazing does this one look? 










Donut Wedding Cake

I absolutely LOVE this donut wedding cake! It would probably be my cake of choice if I was having a wedding. Might be more of a brave move but I’m sure the guests would all appreciate it.










Cake Pop Wedding Cake

Another quirky idea to add a bit of penash to your big day! Cake pops are a great invention and you can get all sorts of colours and themes.










Wedding Pie

Not a big cake fan? Why not opt for the wedding pie instead? Not only will it be a head turner, but you’ll also save quite a bit of money! Ideal for you money savers.

wedding pie










Cupcake Bar

This is such a good idea! Set up a cake bar where your guests can create their own cup cakes! Even better if you provide takeaway boxes so they can eat them on the way home. 

cake bar









Mushroom Cake

This might not be for everyone, but why not add a bit of decoration to your cake? Ideal if your having an outdoor themed wedding!




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