Amazon to introduce selfie pay system.

Amazon to introduce selfie pay system.

Is this the next generation in technology? Amazon are discussing plans to introduce a ‘selfie pay system’ for their customers.

If the system goes ahead then customers will be able to pay for their items just by taking two selfies.

A similar security scheme was trialled by MasterCard amongst 500 of their customers. They were also required to provide a fingerprint scan via their smartphones. 

ITV News says: ‘Amazon argues the first photo would establish the buyer’s identity before the second – taken after smiling, blinking or moving their head – would prove the buyer wasn’t holding up a static photo of another person.

Amazon’s submission to the US Patent and Trademark Office said existing pay systems can be undermined if a password is stolen or discovered by another person.’

Amazon are insisting that this would be a much safer way to pay. They say that people trying and failing to enter passwords so many times encourages them to save them onto their devices. This leaves them much more of a target of fraud. Having the selfie pay scheme would eliminate this danger.

But would you prefer to pay by selfie? And will this be the next generation of world pay?

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